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Fail Forward (3 Insights to Turn Failure into Progress)

Our CEO Rob Beach was recently interviewed at Hillsong Conference Sydney Backstage where he got to talk about Hillsong Technology and the intersection between tech & church. Among the great insights from that interview, there was one particular thought that caught our attention that we thought we’d expand on it and turn into to a blog post.

“Creating good tech products and ideas is about failing forward.”

Rob Beach

Rob demystifies the idea that the process to create anything meaningful is one of no mistakes and no obstacles. He not only recognises that failure is going to be part of the equation when you’re trying to build an impactful tech product but also proposes three keys to harness the power of failure and turn it into a force for progress.

  • Fail forward

Failure doesn’t need to hold us back, it can propel us forward. When you think about it this way, failure is just another step in the right direction and not an obstacle you can’t tackle.

Question: What is one recent failure that you can look at as being a step forward?

  • Fail fast

The fear of failure holds us back and doesn’t allow us to try new things. By shifting gears and failing fast, you’ll be able to fast-track the feedback loop within your project and organisation and achieve more in less time. Avoiding failure is avoiding growth. 

Question: What’s one risk you haven’t taken because of the fear of failing?

  • Fail & learn

Learn from your own mistakes and tweak your process to make it better. When you see every failure as a lesson, you not only move faster — because you no longer fear failure; but also move more effectively — because you’re improving at every step.

Question: What can you learn from your most recent mistake?

We hope this article helps you in your journey of building something of value!