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The Story behind The Name: “VERRIS”

It was a normal morning in mid-September in Dallas, Texas when our Hillsong Tech team got together at Stan’s house (Founder & CEO of Brushfire) for a two-day team meeting with the future in mind.

Whiteboard, lots of filtered coffee (we have a few coffee lovers), cables & computers and an underlying excitement to give birth to something new, impactful and inspirational.

One of the things we wanted to tackle was to create a brand for our newest tool (a platform to create conference apps) that would inspire people to take their conferences and events to the next level.

Our initial approach was to think as this tool as a “container, carrier or vehicle” so our team started thinking of familiar words, names that could communicate that concept but without necessarily having footing from a narrative standpoint.

We then ventured into greek words that would communicate that idea, latin words, Hebrew words and… got nowhere amazing.

A few hours later, there was a lot of empty coffee cups and no great brand name. 

As we were leaving the house and getting ready for dinner, Adam Smith (our Digital Director) gave a throwaway comment: “we should make up words or compound words”. This comment threw our Creative genius Nic into a new thread of thought. 

But first, dinner!

The excitement of day one morphed into a “this-is-amazing-but-we-kinda-need-a-brand-name-for-this-plataform-we’re-building” feeling in the room. 

At this point, people (who shall remain nameless) suggested we go back and use our internal code name as the official brand name. A few name ideas that were gaining traction were being vetted by domain unavailability and the trademark being taken.

The whiteboard was full of ideas we couldn’t use. Coffee ran out. Or maybe it didn’t, but it might have felt like it.

Ball in Nic’s hands. 5 seconds left on the shot-clock. Lakers down by 2. Game 7 of NBA Finals.

“Hey, Adam’s comment last night got me thinking. We want to partner with organizations to enhance the experience their attendees have at an event. In a profound way, what we are providing is a new way for them to *see* their event. What is ‘to see?’ *Ver*, in Spanish.”

Nic pulls up for three at the top of the key.

  • “Veo — I see
  • Ves — you see
  • Verás — You will see

The nature of our product is to provide a peek into what an end-user can expect to see. Verás was the stronger word choice. What do event organizers want for their attendees? For them to see. See the event in a new way, take a peek into what is coming.

“We started playing with the spelling to ghost the Spanish inflection, Veras, Veris, and Vrrs. This ultimately led to Verris.“

Everyone was nodding in silence, inspired by the story he’s telling. What a moment.

We all leave Stan’s house and the week after, Nic summarizes VERRIS the following way. 

Verris is….

  • A play on Verás — “you will see”
  • Our own word
  • Available in pretty much any domain
  • Free & clear of current trademark registrations


That normal afternoon in mid-September turned into a moment that gave birth to an exciting, vibrant new brand that we hope will impact millions around the world.