Connecting technology with the everyday needs of the local church.


When Pastor Brian put pen to paper his unfolding vision for Hillsong Church in 2014, he included this impactful paragraph:

“I see a church that is constantly innovative: A church that leads the communication of a timeless message through media, film, and technology.” – Brian Houston

At Hillsong Technology we endeavour to bring that vision to fruition and have expressed our goal as “Connecting Technology with the Everyday Needs of the Local Church.

We had a need at Hillsong Church to be able to enrich and enhance the experience of an attendee at our global conferences. In response to this need and the mandate on our church, Hillsong Technology has been hard at work developing a platform allowing us to quickly and dynamically create apps to support our conferences.

Using the brand new platform VERRIS, we have rolled out highly usable, beautiful custom apps at our Colour ConferenceHillsong Conference and Worship & Creative Conference.

Verris is designed and created to help attendees engage your events in a whole new way! With both an iOS and Android version, event organisers can connect this app with Brushfire to provide a seamless registration process for their next event. Verris is managed from an easy-to-use content management platform that allows organisers to make real-time updates to your app without pushing updates to the app store. With high level customizability, event managers can create apps to suit their conferences and events perfectly.

To learn more about Verris check out the website.