Connecting technology with the everyday needs of the local church.


Recently, our CEO Rob Beach was interviewed by ABC Radio on how the church is adopting and adapting to digital technology. He also shared about his own personal journey with Jesus, the story of our Church and his role in it.

The interview was conducted by Meredith Lake and here are 3 quotes from his interview that our team absolutely loved:

1. “We just showed up each weekend and more and more people kept coming.”

As Rob described the growth of Hillsong Church throughout the decades, he gave an incredible insight into how it happened that we believe could help a lot of other teams and organisations.

He described our church as a community who has a vision of building Church and that it was their faithfulness, commitment and longevity throughout the decades that was one of the foundations for the growth that ensued.

Key tip: How would committing long-term to the vision of the organisation you’re a part of impact your effectiveness?

2. “We are always in a space of experimenting and it’s constantly changing.”

Meredith asked Rob a question about live-streaming and its impact on local, physical services and Rob’s answer was very interesting as it revealed his heart for how we approach opportunities and challenges at Hillsong Technology.

As our heart is set in reaching people, we stay flexible when it comes to the way we achieve it. We love to innovate, experiment and try new solutions to reach our goal.

Key tip: How would adopting this approach help your organisation move forward?

3. “We want to create an environment where individuals with technology solutions for the Church can flourish.” (adapted)

One of the goals of Hillsong Tech is to build a community of christians technologists who have a passion for the Church and want to put their hand up to help move the Church forward in its technology needs.

Our heart is to give an opportunity for Christian technologists to have a positive impact on churches around the world.

Key tip: How could you build a community beyond the four walls of your organisation?

To have a listen to the interview, check this link and let us know what you think!