Connecting technology with the everyday needs of the local church.


Our work culture at Hillsong Tech is a mix of remote and office-based work. We have team on three continents, spreading from Sydney to Dallas.

As we pursue building technology solutions that empower churches to better connect people with Jesus, we can’t afford to be busy and not productive. The following tips on project management are the overflow of our daily effort to create meaningful progress.

Communication – this is the big one! Have a solid communication strategy, so that everyone feels included and has the opportunity to contribute. Technology has made it easier for us to be able to chat face-to-face when we can’t all be in the same room. Make the most of technology and it can help your team collaborate better.

Some of the tools we use: Slack, Zoom, and Google Drive.

Time zones. Understand your time zones and have a plan in place for how and when you need to talk. Make a choice to embrace your time zones and not let it become a dividing or negative factor. Multiple time zones can be really helpful when providing support across continents as you have a broader reach.

How can you turn different time zones into an advantage?

The right tools – keep it simple. Technology and tools have enabled us to manage the workload more efficiently when everyone is involved. Use tools that aren’t over-complicated, so that it’s not a barrier for the team.

It may be enticing to always try new tools, but we’d like to encourage you to focus on outcomes and not necessarily the “brand new thing”.

*BONUS* tip! As we came to the end of the article, we noticed there was an underlying principle at the foundation.

Flexibility. Being flexible to change and understand that not all project management methodologies or tools work in every situation. Being responsive to change is required.

Blessed are the flexible because they shall not break!

Our prayer is that 2019 is the year where you advance where the Lord has called you. Our hope is that these 3 (+1) principles about project managing might help you do that!