Connecting technology with the everyday needs of the local church.


Have we done all we can with design and branding? Maybe! But as we embarked on an exciting journey to create, design, and release some new exciting tools to resource the local Church, we took the opportunity to create some new brands filled with potential.

In the process, we learned a few things that you might want to consider as you create and design what’s on your plate.

No Cookie Cutter
All too often we look around to brands making a difference, and we want to look and feel like they do: i.e., Google, Slack, Asana, Trello. While it’s enticing to duplicate, I want to encourage you to do something different—be unique. Everyone else is already taken.

I believe the key to creating a successful brand is finding your unique voice and expressing that across the design and brand.

Stay Classy
Find a way to lean into the trends of the day while ignoring the hype. The chances of your brand staying current are substantially higher when you base your trends on specific designs that are timeless. Draw from classic brands who own their space and marry that aesthetic.

Understand the times but aim to outlive them.

Emotional Engagement
Brands can strike a certain emotion and tone. Look past the curves and strokes of design and add virtual depth. Being shallow breeds indifference. Meanings can be portrayed abstractly and not necessarily in a classical nature, as long as it expresses something foundational about the brand.

If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for everything.

We’d love to encourage you to follow these three principles and verás (a Spanish word that means: “you will see”) the positive impact you’ll create!

Let me know which one of these you needed today and good luck!