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Recently, I stepped into a new role at a tech company where I get to work with an exciting team to achieve world-impacting vision!

As I’ve navigated the initial stages of the new journey, I took some time to reflect and document the top 3 things that helped me successfully hit the ground running in a tech organization (or any job for that matter).

I. CULTURE: Understand the culture.

Taking the time to understand the values and the core ideas that make the company/department run, will go along way in showing that you are first and foremost a team player. Being culturally the right fit will be a victory for the home team.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” — Peter Drucker / Every good management book

What’s one habit you can develop to learn culture faster?

II. PROCESS: What, Where, and How.

Every organization has multiple moving parts, but more importantly, they all function together as a team. Ask yourself what’s the overall goal of the organization, where do I fit, and how do I get the job done? Being a team player is more important than trying to change every little thing.

“What I’m a part of is bigger than the part I play.” — Brian Houston

What’s one way where you can best serve your team’s purpose?

III. QUICK WINS: What are the quick wins?

Identify the quick wins, make a plan of action, and get approval. Making small adjustments that in turn have a substantial impact, can prove that you’re right for the job.

“Pick the low-hanging fruit first, unless it’s a prune. No one likes prunes.” — Me

What’s one quick win you can focus on this week?

The way you start on a new project or position can determine the longevity and success of that relationship.

Our hope is that with these 3 tips you’ll feel encouraged and equipped to make your new position a great success.