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Our Digital Director, Adam Smith was interviewed by Kenny Jahng at the Future.Bible Podcast where he talks about Hillsong Technology and all that’s coming up in the tech space.

Here’s our top 3 tech takeaways from his interview:

1. “To set up a team for success: build culture and work on systems to outwork it.”

One of the things that resonated from this interview was the way Adam thought about the importance of both culture and systems to the achievement of a team or organization’s goal.

As much as tech endeavours tend to focus on systems, procedures and technologies to set themselves apart, one of the core things about the way we lead our teams is culture.

Key tip: Typically people err on the side of either culture or systems; have a go at focusing on both.

2. “Backend platform that can spin-ups app, with a modular backend.”

Adam talked about Verris (the new tool we developed to help churches and ministries engage with attendees in new ways) to explain how we look at a need: build an app for our yearly conferences and approached it from a “platform perspective” rather than just a “solution perspective”.

Our team looked at this need as an opportunity to build a platform that would create apps rather than just creating one-off apps every time one was needed. This tool is now being used by other churches and ministries, empowering them to take their conferences to the next level.

Key tip: When you find a need; build a platform and not just a solution.

3. “There’s a freedom in restriction.”

The example Adam gave was the following: we run our website in WordPress, it’s highly customized but it’s simple enough so that we can send simple training materials around the world and empower local teams to manage their website.

For broad stakeholder engagement it is sometimes better to have a baseline out-of-the-box solution that provides a foundation for people to work with instead of attempting to build custom solutions for every need.

Key tip: What new opportunities would arise if you look at restrictions as opportunities?

To have a listen to the interview, check this link and let us know what you think!